Women’s Pro/AM

women's powerlifting

In 2010, Cara founded the Women’s Pro Am — the only Professional (cash prize) meet for women in the world. This meet was created to give female lifters the kind of exciting platform experience previously available only to men and to stimulate the growth of women’s powerlifting.

The first meet was outstanding and the women put up some big numbers. The raw division winner was Amy Weisberger from Westside Barbell, who took home $1000. The single ply winner was Californialifter Nicolai Stern, also winning $1000. The multi ply winner was Westside’s Laura Phelps-Sweatt, with an amazing 733 pound squat at 170 pound bodyweight! She also won $1000.  And in Bench Only, Hawaii’s Leonetta Richardson took the $500 prize with a 325 pound bench weighing only 148.

In only its second year, this meet has grown to include some of the best women lifters from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The meet is held annually in Sacramento, CA. Registration for this year’s Pro/Am is available here.