Cara Westin is the owner and operator of Fn Strong. Cara is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with over 30 years of strength training experience. She is also a certified Rock Doc, trained to apply Rock Tape for athletic performance.

As an elite powerlifter in two weight classes, Cara has competition lifts of  500 pound squat, 340 pound bench, and 440 pound deadlift at 148 and 165 pounds bodyweight. As an avid supporter of powerlifting, she now directs about six meets a year throughout the State of California. In 2010 she founded the first women’s professional powerlifting meet.

Cara has also competed extensively in the sports of softball, volleyball, and equine events.

Cara also has 30 years of experience as a police officer with a large metropolitan police department, up to the rank of lieutenant. She is a credentialed teacher and has worked extensively training law enforcement officers. Cara has an experiential background in tactical strength training. She holds a Masters degree in Emergency Services Management.

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